Joining NRG BESS

Why join NRG BESS?

Membership of NRG BESS is open to all early career researchers including, but not limited to, PhD students, post-docs and technicians who are involved in biodiversity and ecosystem service research. Joining the NRG BESS network will be a valuable opportunity for early career researchers in many aspects:

  • Become part of a  network of early career researchers with whom you can share, discuss and develop your research and ideas
  • Engage with some of the leading scientists in the field
  • Provide an outlet for you to inform and engage the public about your research.
  • Opportunity for you to participate in public outreach events
  • Provide training in skills and techniques that are common to the group.
  • Provide practical experience through event organization (including conferences, outreach events, seminars etc.), regular conferences, meetings and webinars to improve presentation/public speaking skills

NRG BESS will provide financial subsidies to NRG BESS members to participate in the above activities.

How do I join?

If you would like to join please complete the NRG BESS Membership Application Form and send to

The form requests you to submit a profile which should be no more than 300 words and demonstrate how your science fits within the aims of BESS. Examples of existing members profiles can be views on the Membership profile section of the website.