Member Profiles

Here is a list of our current members. To find out more about their research and how it relates to BESS just click on their names.

Tom Adams: Up-scaling and mapping linkages between biodiversity and ecosystem service flows

Lydia Bach: Scaling coastal biodiversity and ecosystem services in intertidal food webs

Ambroise Baker: Lake biodiversity, ecosystem services and sustainability

Jose Vega Barbero: Ecosystem services and supply chains interactions

Ciaran Broderick: Modelling water quality and streamflow behaviour

Hannah Burton: The relationship between species and genetics diversity and its effect on a population’s resistance and resilience to disturbance

Debbie Coldwell: Cultural and educational ecosystem services – environmental and social determinants

Anne Cotton: Investigating microbial biodiversity and ecosystem functions at landscape scales in saltmarshes and mudflats

Daniel Cox: Urban Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Sustainability

Sian De Bell: Ecological interventions for health outcomes

Lynn Dicks: Management of ecosystem services (particularly pollination and pest control) on commercial farms – decision support tools and agri-environment schemes.

Ben Evans: A Bayesian network approach to the evaluation and modelling of decadal-scale morphodynamics of salt marsh systems

Paul Evans:  Dynamics of ecosystem services in wooded ecosystems

Claire Golléty: Role of functional diversity in the ecosystem functioning (biogeochemical cycles and food webs) of intertidal habitats

Arjan Gosal: Spatial analysis of ecosystem services

Darren Grafius:  Modelling urban ecosystem services

Rachel Hale: The influence of sediment characteristics and macrofauna diversity on intertidal and shelf sea biogeochemical cycling and properties

Graham Hambley: Effect of landscape scale forest-to-bog restoration on fluxes of CO2 and H2O from Flow Country peatlands

Laura Harrison: BESS Knowledge Exchange

Violeta Hevia: Tools for evaluating biodiversity in Mediterranean ecosystems

Dagmar Henner: Modelling the impacts of second generation bioenergy crops on ecosystem services

Zoe Holden: Matching scales: impact of natural scales on planning decisions and policy environment

Tom Holmes: The effects of storminess on coastal ecosystem services and wellbeing

Helen Hoyle: Human happiness v urban biodiversity? Public perception of designed urban planting in a warming climate?

Ifan Jâms: The influence of drought on trout and salmon in Welsh rivers

Eleanor Kean: Diversity of Upland Rivers for Ecosystem Service Sustainability research dissemination

Joseph Kenworthy: Comparative estuarine dynamics: trophic linkages and ecosystem function

Sarah Knight: The impact of natural capital on subjective well-being

Cai Ladd: Ecological Resilience to Climate Change: Interactions of biological and physical processes on patterns in salt marsh erosion

Alexander Lovegrove: Management impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems: a case study in the New Forest National Park

Philip Martin: Dynamics of ecosystem services in wooded ecosystems

Theresa Mercer: Fragments, Functions and Flows of Urban Ecosystem Services (Urban BESS)

Phoebe Morton: A Burning Issue: Assessing alternatives for UK blanket bog management

Briony Norton: Urban ecosystem services: fragments, functions and flows project

Kate Orgill: Ecological priorities and real-world governance in the restoration of wetlands in the Humberhead Levels (HHL) landscape: Do they differ and how can this be overcome?

Scott Pedley: Scale-dependence of relationships between biodiversity stocks and ecosystem service flows in coastal wetlands

Sarah Pogue: Resilience management of ecological services in National Parks: developing a new evolutionary approach

Marian Pye: Catchment and riparian subsidy effects on upland stream ecosystems

John Redhead: Mapping and modelling of ecosystem service delivery at large spatial scales

Carl Reddin: Broadscale intertidal biodiversity: patterns from compiled datasets and spatial relationships with consumer trophic structure

Ali Mohammad Rezaie: Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation (Espadeltas)

Marije Schaafsma: A framework for individual and shared preferences for ecosystem services trade-offs

Rebecca Shellock: The role of cultural values in marine and coastal planning and management

Kate Simpson: Valuation of ecosystem services in the Scottish coastal zone

Natalie Small: Valuation of cultural services in freshwater ecosystems

Sawar Sohel: Safe operating spaces for development and ecosystem services in Bangladesh

Ben Taylor: Restoration of saltmarsh subsidised through a blue carbon market

Leila Tavallali: The importance of estuarine and coastal saltmarshes in carbon sequestration, Colne Estuary

Liz Trenchard: The distribution, utilisation and management of Prosopis species

Siobhan Vye: Disentangling the effects of multiple anthropogenic stressors on marine biodiversity and ecosystem functioning

Kate Wade: Biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and value of the intertidal zone in the Eden Estuary, Fife

Stephen Watson: The impact of multiple climate stressors on coastal biodiversity and associated ecosystem services

Carla-Leanne Washbourne: Significance of ecosystem services in urban areas: communication, application and assessment

Jennifer Wickens: Understanding and managing the flow of pollination services between protected areas and agroecosystems

Victoria Wickens: Understanding and managing the flow of pest regulation services between protected areas and agroecosystems

Adam Wyness: The influence of sediment characteristics on the transport of pathogens from freshwater to coast