Membership Levels & Subsidies

NRG membership is open to any PhD, Postdocs or technicians who are conducting research that falls within the Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Sustainability remit. This includes those that have a connection the main BESS consortia and smaller projects, but enables others who are not directly linked but are working in the same field to become involved in the network.

The level of subsidy that people will be able to seek at various events will depend on their membership level. The membership level criteria have been created to include researchers’ connectivity to BESS projects and to reflect the contribution that individuals both connected, and not connected to BESS projects make. Level 1 and 2 will receive the highest level of subsidy.

Membership Framework PNG

The NRG Development Committee consists of the NRG Officers and the members of NRG who are significantly contributing to the running and development of individual event or material e.g. website, conference, outreach through the involvement in working groups. Due to the high amount of time these people will contribute to NRG they will be upgraded to a membership level equivalent of these who actively participate in BESS work (level 2).

Those who write the occasional blog posts, event reports for NRG or help at specific NRG events such as outreach or conference will be upgraded to the equivalent level of membership as those who have a direct link to BESS via a supervisor in recognition of their contribution (level 3).