Role descriptions & current volunteers

Communications Coordinator

 Sian de Bell – nrgbess@nullnrgbess.netSian de Bell

  • Oversee activities taking place with the website, blogs and social media.
  • Manage, coordinate meetings and report news from the committee responsible for the website, blogging and social media.
  • Collate news from all areas of NRG BESS and produce a newsletter for members quarterly

Conference/Workshop CoordinatorMarian Pye

Marian Pye and Stephen Watson – 

  • Overall responsibility for the conference/workshops
  • Aim to run a workshop or conference once a year (suggested to alternate)
  • Manage, coordinate meetings and report news from the conference/workshop committee.Stephen Watson
  • Responsible for writing the conference/workshop section of the quarterly newsletter


Role currently unfilled.

  • Responsible for organising regular meetings (virtual) between secretary, communications coordinator, conference/workshop coordinator, directorate contact. Should also invite post-doc liaison and future proofing officer
  • Responsible for membership including updating profile on the website
  • Responsible for managing the contacts list
  • First point of call for any general enquiries to NRG BESS
  • Responsible for identifying training needs and assisting in the organization of courses/workshops
  • Responsible for writing the training section of the quarterly newsletter
  • Point of contact for financial questions from Directorate

Directorate Contact & Outreach coordinator

Dr Laura Harrison –

  • Communication link between NRG and DirectorateLaura3x4_2MEG
  • Sound board for general queries or advice about the running of NRG
  • Confidential contact for PhD’s and Post Docs with any concerns within NRG
  • Responsible for coordinating the outreach team and feeding this work into the BESS general engagement strategy and activities

Postdoc & Technician Liaison

Dr Laura Harrison –

This should ideally be a postdoc or technician

  • Responsible for assessing specific needs of the postdoc/technician community

Future Proofing

Lydia Bach & Leila Tavallali

  • Responsible for managing the development of a long term goals/visions for NRG
  • Responsible for sourcing any potential grants for NRG
  • Should aim to produce a document stating what the long term goals and vision is for NRG and how this could Leila Tavallalibe attained


Communication volunteers:

Website Manager

Kate Wade, Sarah Pogue and Laura Harrison

  • Responsible for updating content of the website
  • Responsible for back-ups of the website
  • Report back to communications coordinator

Website Development

Currently unfilled

This could potentially be outsourced to a non NRG member. Alternatively NRG could look to train someone.

  • Responsible for developing the website in line with the aims set out for 2015
  • Report back to communications coordinator


Zoe HoldenZoe Holden

  • Responsible for sourcing and coordinating blogs (e.g. request blogs following events etc.)
  • Responsible for posting blogs on website and blog banking
  • Report back to communications coordinator

Social Media

Currently unfilled

  • Responsible for managing Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Manage any social media volunteers
  • Should aim to tweet at least once a week and re-tweet once every two days

 Events volunteers:

Publicity & Advertising

Leila Tavallali

  • Responsible for promoting any conference/workshop
  • Reports to conference/workshop coordinator

Design & Print

Currently unfilled

  • Responsible for designing and producing promotional material prior to conference
  • Responsible for designing and producing any conference booklets etc.
  • Reports to conference/workshop coordinator


Currently unfilled

  • Responsible for sourcing and applying for grants to cosponsor conference/workshop
  • Responsible producing any required reports following any successful grant applications

Outreach volunteers:

Tom Holmes, Lydia Bach, Cai Tomos Ladd, Sian de Bell, Debbie Coldwell, Kate Orgill, Dr Hilary Ford, Phoebe Morton, Zoe Holden, Bryony Norton

  • Design and/or delivering activities and resources for children & the general public
  • Work with outreach coordinator