NRG Development Committee

What is the development committee?

The NRG Development Committee are the members who have been elected to the secretarial, coordination, future proofing and liason roles and all the volunteers who support these projects.  This is the development committee structure for 2015:


For more information on what each role entails and who is currently volunteering please click here.

How do I get involved in the development committee?

Any member of NRG BESS can get involved with the development committee.  Volunteers are elected annually to the secretary, coordinator, future proofing and postdoc/technician liason roles.  You can volunteer at any time for other roles.  Several people can hold the same role or one person can hold several roles depending on time commitments.

Contact the relevant coordinator to get involved in projects:

Communications – – currently Sian de Bell

Conference, workshop & events – – currently Marian Pye and Stephen Watson

Outreach and engagement – – currently Laura Harrison