Outreach activities

NRG BESS members have designed, developed and piloted learning activities connected with BESS research.   The instruction packs are aimed at researchers running activities at events such as science festivals, but could also be used by teachers in a classroom setting.  The core activities are designed for 7-11 year olds, with suggested adaptations for younger and older participants and extension activities.  The packs are in three versions to highlight curriculum links and also include profiles of BESS researchers.

Be a bee is an activity about bees, pollination and food security.  Participants forage amongst different species of flowers collecting nectar with their honeybee or bumblebee before returning to fill the hive or nest.  Participants discover that they transfer pollen between flowers, with fruit produced if the pollen matches.

Be a bee_England & Wales   Be a bee_Northern Ireland   Be a bee_Scotland

Lego figureLove your saltmarsh initiates discussion about coastal management.  When there is no saltmarsh and mudflat in front of a LEGO® town, participants discover that they spend more of their chocolate coins to build and maintain a higher sea wall.

Saltmarsh_England&Wales   Saltmarsh_Northern Ireland  Saltmarsh  Scotland